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September 09
Upcoming SharePoint Designer 2010 Class at CAIT


For anyone interested in learning how to create basic solutions using SharePoint Designer 2010, I'll be delivering a SharePoint Designer course at the Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT) at Washington University in St. Louis in October. The course is a 5 day course, but we've spread the course content out over 2 weeks so you can have a couple days back at the office without having to tell people you'll be in training for a whole week. Part 1 of the course is Monday - Wednesday, October 7 - 9, then part 2 is the following Monday and Tuesday, October 14 and 15.

Here's a description of part 1 the course:

This intensive course demonstrates how to make the most out of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 using the browser and SharePoint Designer 2010 (SPD). The course will first walk you through the new SharePoint 2010 user interface and feature enhancements and then move on to an overview of SharePoint Designer 2010. Students will then learn how to create and customize content using SharePoint Designer 2010. Users will learn how to create robust and interactive pages using tools like the XSLT List View Web Part, the Data View Web Part, and students will learn how to leverage SharePoint 2010’s improved workflow authoring capabilities. Students will also learn how to use InfoPath 2010 to create interactive and advanced form solutions.

Here's a description of part 2 of the course:

This course is a continuation of the course “Building Solutions with SharePoint Designer 2010 Part 1”. Using the browser and SharePoint Designer 2010, students will learn how to create content-centric solutions using SharePoint Server's Web Content Management (WCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities, as well as consume and interact with data that resides in external systems using Business Connectivity Services (BCS). In addition, the course will show students how to create offline SharePoint Server 2010 solutions using SharePoint Workspace 2010.

You can register online for part 1 and part 2 of the course.



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