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October 01
5th Time's a Charm

MVPLooks like you guys are going to see me around these parts for another year. I just found out that Microsoft has made me a SharePoint MVP for a 5th year in a row.​

As one of the few women developers in the SharePoint MVP program, my hope is that I can help encourage other women out there who want to participate in the SharePoint technical community. To get this award during a year when I was exhausted most of the time due to pregnancy and then had to take a break from a lot of activities while I was home on maternity leave, felt like a moral victory. It's nice to know it's possible to still achieve professional success while balancing other familial responsibilities. I really want to thank the Microsoft MVP award program for being respectful of that. I also want to encourage any young women out there who are reading this, to not feel like you have to choose between expressing yourself in your career or being a parent who is present with your children. With hard work, careful planning, and a supportive spouse, you can make it happen.



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